What is MammothDB ENGINE?

MammothDB ENGINE is an SQL-compliant RDBMS on steroids, designed for running interactive analytical applications on a cluster of commodity computers powered by Apache Hadoop.

MammothDB is an inexpensive backend alternative to existing shared-nothing RDBMS solutions (such as Teradata) for large-scale data warehousing and analytics. Its mission is to significantly lower the investment hurdle for companies that want to start a DWH/Business Intelligence program. Combining commodity hardware and network components, along with a simple approach to distributing data and query processing, MammothDB, which is based on Hadoop, helps keep both R&D and implementation costs low. Cluster deployment allows the solution to scale smoothly, and in small increments, simply by adding hardware as the data size grows from relatively small (100s of GB) to Big Data scale.

MammothDB is also different than existing tools, such as HIVE, in that it’s fast and actually interoperable with reporting tools that expect a sub-second response to queries (e.g. Cognos, Microstrategy, Excel, etc.) , as well as providing a standard query interface to users and reporting tools to run analytics.

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