Reports and Dashboards

STORM provides to its users the possibility to create and share a variety of Reports.
Access to the STORM Reporting capabilities is provided from the Header Menu:

STORM is a platform that supports different format of reports. The Reports View is part of the Project Workspace. To open it, the users must:

  1. Click on 'Projects' icon in the Header Menu:
  2. Select the Project in the drop-down list:
  3. Make sure 'Reports' Tab is selected in the loaded screen:

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The Dashboard is a data visualization tool that consolidates in a single view multiple Reports with the purposes to ease the access of users to main metrics, KPIs and performance scorecards. The Dashboards may be tailored for a specific role and targeted for a single point of view or department. They have a customizable interface and the ability to pull data from multiple sources.

For Dashboard View, the icon must be selected.
Note: The Dashboard View is the Starting Wiki page for the users with role 'User', having created Dashboard in their Project and permissions to access it.

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