Project Workspace

Project Workspace is an area in STORM Interface, used for access to:

  • Information about the Data Sources (Schemas)
  • Reports List and
  • ETL process monitoring

In the Data tab the user can see the names and some information of the tables included in schema. This information is organized either in Table view or Grid view .

Table view:

Grid view:

This section of Project Workspace is used for access to Reports and Report Groups.
Detailed information about Reports can be found in section Reports and Dashboards

In addition to the access to Reports, this section provides a visual representation of the existing Data Schemas and functionality to Edit a schema. Report Groups are also created and managed, using 'Reports' section.

Schemas - Visual Presentation

Schemas are created by MammothDB Team. They are representation of the logically structured Reporting Data Models in the background.
Schemas are visible to Administrators and Publishers in the Project Workspace > Reports tab. In STORM the Schemas are also used as folders where the reports connected to that specific data are stored.
To open the Schema Visual Presentation, click on the Schema name:

Schemas - Edit

Schema's name, description and icon can be edited only by Administrators in the Project Workspace, button Edit Schema.

A pop-up appears where user can change the name, description and icon.

Report Group - Creation

Once the Schema is created by MammothDB team, the Administrator can add report groups to it. This is a helpful function from a security point of view. It allows different users to view different reports. To create a report group, the Administrator navigates to the Schemas tab on the Project’s workspace and clicks on ‘New Report group’.

A form appears where they can choose the name and which reports should be included in the group.

When the Administrator clicks ‘OK’, the new report group appears in the list. Once the group is created, it can be added to various user groups, thus defining the report visibility for users who belong to this user group.

Report Group - Administration

New reports can be added to the group from the ‘Edit Report Group’ button:

The button opens the 'Edit Report Group' pop-up.

This is also where a report can be removed from a report group, or report group deleted itself. When a report group is deleted, however, the reports that it contains are not deleted from the Project - they are placed under the general group of the Project, called “All Reports”.

ETL is a tab where the Super Administrator can view the status of ETL process.

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