Accounts and Projects

To use STORM Cloud BI Solution, each client must have:

  • Account
  • Project
  • User

An Account in the context of STORM is a Company using the STORM service.
A new Account is created and configured by MammothDB Team.
For each Account multiple Projects can be created, used to organize the access to Reports and Services.
More information for Accounts is available in Administration Module: Accounts Administration.

'Project' in STORM is logical and physical organization of reports, users and permissions used to allow MammothDB customers and their clients to gain access to specific data and reports.
Every account can have multiple projects, created by a MammothDB Administrator in the database. Users are created through the platform by the account administrator and can have various level of access: they can access only one project or multiple projects, they can be administrators, publishers or users.

Projects are created by client's request. The Project is created in the background (in the database) by the MammothDB Team. It can not be created through the STORM web interface.
Projects are displayed in 'Projects panel' on the starting STORM page for the users having 'Administrator' Role:

Any requests for Modifications or Deletion of an existing Project must be sent to MammothDB Team. The Portal users are not allowed to make changes in the Projects.

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